Phineas Manthata

About Phineas Vimpie Manthata

1996 – March

My name is Phineas Manthata, and friends often call me Vimpie or Finn. One day I’ll tell you those stories as well. For now, as a single dad of a beautiful daughter, I want to share what I have learnt as a father. I will be sharing my experiences and what I get from them as I go along. My beautiful soulmate and wife passed after a battle with cancer when my daughter was only a couple months old. At the time of writing this, my she is six, feisty and ready to take the world by storm.

I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me. Start by reading the ten things that happened to me the first time I held my daughter.

2008 – November

A couple (12!) years have passed since I first started this blog to share my parenting tips. As I believe that parenting never truly stops and that I have shared some valuable information over the years – I did not want to remove this website or start filling it with other information; thus my new website was established so I can share more of the fun things I do with you! That website will be filled with all the things I love to do, with or without my daughter.

2012 – February

My daughter has wholly flown the nest and is established in her own home and career. I have decided that it is time to pursue my true passion; travelling through Africa! Come on this journey with me by following along at